Diabolical Box Lamp



I have been working in my Laboratory. Creating interesting creations. This wooden box has a door in front that drops down with an old chain holding it in place. When the door is open a small drawer can be pulled out to display small treasures. The box measures 8 inches sq. 14 in. including the bulb. On top you will find vintage radio parts, brass wire, and Porcelain wire holders. The stained ceramic light socket is mounted on a brass clock gear to hold it in place. The 8 foot 18 gauge braided black cloth covered cord, adds a antique look. The on/off switch is on the cord. All electrical parts are new. The vintage bulb is included. I price my lamps according to what antiques and vintage style light bulbs are used to create it. This is a one of a kind piece of “WORKING ART”
(The bottle and frame are for display)


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